Recovery Coaching & Monitoring

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Every year, thousands of people enter inpatient treatment centers to recover from addiction. These programs provide a safe, structured environment for learning and developing a new, healthy and satisfying way of life.

While rehab comes with a unique set of challenges, the most difficult time for many recovering individuals is often the first 90 to 180 days after leaving treatment. Returning to the same familiar environment that surrounded you while you were in the depths of your addiction can be highly triggering, while the stressors of the “real world” can all feel overwhelming and threaten to your newfound sobriety. This fragile time is when recovery monitoring and coaching can be enormously beneficial.

Guidance and Encouragement

Recovery monitoring helps clients in early recovery navigate through all the pitfalls that may await. Our recovery coaches, Raymond Estefania and Ana Moreno, provide a bridge between the safe and secure world of inpatient treatment to the real world where old temptations are right around the corner, ready to jeopardize your hard-earned recovery.

We work with you to help you create new habits and behaviors that support and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. We can also connect you with the local recovery community to find the resources you need to support your new sober life.

When facilitated and supervised by professionals who understand the recovery process, monitoring is an insurance policy for success in mental health management and addiction rehabilitation. People with addictions and mental health issues need structure and accountability to prevent a relapse, and monitoring ensures both. Through organized contact with clients, we can recognize red flags and provide the needed services to support them on their path to recovery.

Monitoring includes, but is not limited to:

  • Establishing and overseeing random drug screening programs
  • Twelve-step or other support group meeting attendance
  • Obtaining and working with a sponsor
  • Attending substance use and mental health therapy sessions
  • Maintaining counseling appointments
  • Engaging in any other professional support
  • Sober companions and recovery coaches to support you full or part-time
  • Supportive sober transports to/from treatment programs

Why Do You Need a Recovery Monitor?

Unlike a volunteer sponsor, a recovery monitor is a professional who works for you. We – Raymond Estefania and Ana Moreno – can be available when you need us, including after hours or on weekends. We can help you devise a plan with realistic daily goals, hold you accountable for sticking with it and continually reassess and readjust as you progress.

Our recovery monitoring services are based on our 35-plus years of experience with techniques that work. We take time to relate to each client on a personal level and meet you exactly where you are, mentally, spiritually and physically. Our services will not only help you stay sober, but also show you the path to improved wellness and happiness while teaching you how to create healthy boundaries and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Supporting Your Recovery

R&A Therapeutic Partners provides guidance and support in how to apply effective tools in early recovery, while helping our clients establish and achieve goals and learn how to use healthy living skills in their daily lives.

Recovery monitoring helps people transition back into regular life while providing the support and accountability needed to help sustain their hard-won sobriety. To learn more, contact us at 786-452-7352.