Addiction Treatment Miami

Addiction Treatment in Miami, Florida

If life’s challenges are becoming too much, know that support is available in Miami. Our dedicated team at R&A is extending our comprehensive range of therapies to the Miami community and its neighboring regions. We are here to assist you in regaining your balance with professional counseling, therapeutic consulting, and intervention services.



What We Offer

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Intervention Services in Miami

In situations where risky behaviors and substance abuse escalate to a crisis point, staging an intervention becomes essential. In Miami, you’re not alone in this challenging process. Experienced therapists Raymond Estefania and Ana Moreno specialize in assisting families to confront the denial of their loved ones and facilitate the selection of a suitable treatment program. This program is designed to meet the individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual requirements, offering a path to recovery tailored to their unique needs.

Therapeutic Placement in Miami

Navigating the options for a family member in crisis can be overwhelming, especially when trying to identify trustworthy centers, suitable programs, and the appropriate duration of treatment. In Miami, Ray and Ana are dedicated to guiding families with troubled teens and young adults. They expertly match individuals with residential treatment programs, wilderness retreats, and therapeutic boarding schools best suited to their specific requirements and circumstances.

Family Counseling & Parenting Support in Miami

Striving to excel in parenting can be an overwhelming journey. Every phase comes with challenges, from the early stages of infancy to guiding your teen through the tumultuous adolescent years. If you’re seeking support in Miami, R&A is here to help. We offer valuable insights into family dynamics, teach effective communication strategies, and provide guidance to tackle behavioral health issues, ensuring you have the support you need at every step.

Concierge Crisis and Case Management in Miami

Dealing with a family member in distress often falls on the shoulders of relatives. When you have someone in your Miami-based family recovering from mental illness or battling substance use disorder, R&A is ready to assist with concierge-level case management services. We aim to ease the burden on your family by providing the support and guidance needed during this critical time.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Evaluations in Miami

In Miami, individuals grappling with the dual challenges of mental health issues and substance use disorders require specialized care. Our team conducts thorough clinical assessments to pinpoint specific areas of concern. With these evaluations, we aim to chart a definitive course toward health and recovery for you or your loved one, addressing the unique complexities of co-occurring conditions.

Aftercare Planning in Miami

In Miami, R&A Therapeutic Partners offers expert aftercare planning and support, which is crucial at any stage of the treatment journey. Whether you’re navigating initial recovery or ongoing management, we provide personalized guidance, monitoring, and support. We aim to ensure adherence to each individual’s tailored plan, offering these essential services in Miami Delray Beach and surrounding areas.

Recovery Coaching & Monitoring in Miami

Annually, numerous individuals commit to inpatient treatment centers for addiction recovery. Post-treatment, safeguarding their progress is vital. In Miami, R&A provides specialized recovery monitoring and coaching services to support this crucial phase. Our aim is to help reinforce healthy habits and maintain the right trajectory towards long-term recovery with our dedicated assistance.

Meet R&A

With over 40 years of combined experience, Ray Estefania and Ana Moreno are renowned experts in treating complex substance use disorders and mental illnesses in Miami and South Florida. At our new Miami location, we are dedicated to bringing hope and healing to families across the region. Specializing in comprehensive care for individuals and families affected by these challenges, we are a leading choice for effective treatment in Miami and the greater South Florida area.

Our mission is to provide honest, ethical, compassionate support to those struggling and needing help to address their challenges.

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