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The roots of addiction and mental health are complex, and involve multiple factors, including emotions, behaviors and the environment. Psychotherapy helps you understand the role all these things play in your life, and how they might lead to self-destructive behavior. The goal of addiction and mental health counseling is to teach you how to understand what leads to your pattern of self-destructive behaviors and how to develop healthy coping skills.

During therapy, an experienced addiction counselor and psychotherapist will guide you through personalized counseling sessions in a comfortable, supportive environment that equips you to cope with life’s challenges in a more constructive way. Here are some of the situations we can help you address in therapy.

  • Managing stressful life situations: Some events, such as an illness or death in the family, loss of a job or a breakup or divorce, may create anxiety or depression and lead you to dull your emotions with drugs or alcohol. As trained psychotherapists, Ray Estefania and Ana Moreno can help you learn to process these situations and deal with their implications constructively.
  • Coping with past trauma: Many life events are traumatic, including being the victim or perpetrator of violence or assault. Counseling will teach you how to handle the ongoing impact of trauma in your life.
  • Self-care: People with mental health issues often do not know how to take good care of themselves. A therapist can help you identify this and develop better patterns of self-care. One example is for people who have poor sleeping habits. Therapy can help you resolve this so you are better prepared to handle the rigors of an addiction recovery program.
  • Teen counseling: Teenagers are under a variety of academic, social and family pressures that can make their lives very stressful. When teens reach a point that they cannot effectively handle these stressors, their grades may suffer and they might start engaging in dangerous behavior. At this point, concerned parents may decide to seek therapy. We offer counseling for teens who are abusing substances or engaging in other self-destructive behaviors and may be at risk to develop a more serious problem.

Why Is Psychotherapy Effective?

Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy that gives people a judgment-free zone to discuss personal issues, some of which may be intensely personal or sensitive. A licensed psychotherapist can help improve your life by providing the tools you need to process complex or difficult emotions and achieve greater satisfaction with your identity.

If you struggle with any of the following problems, you could benefit from psychotherapy.

  • You are struggling with the burdens of anxiety or depression, and would like relief by learning the coping skills necessary to improve your mood and lead a more happy and productive life.
  • Your interpersonal relationships give you less satisfaction than they used to.
  • You have noticed that you tend to engage in self-destructive behavior and feel as if it is preventing you from attaining your goals.
  • You are experiencing problems with substance misuse and need help learning how to live substance free or how to develop a healthier relationship with substances. We offer customized programs for adolescents and adults when they do not require a higher level of care like residential treatment or intensive outpatient.
  • You have trouble loving yourself or others and cannot understand why.
  • You have recently experienced a traumatic or life-changing event such as the loss of a job, the death of a loved one or the end of an intimate relationship.
  • You are uncertain about how to achieve your goals, or you feel trapped and unable to make progress in your life.

Miami Therapy

Regardless of what is motivating your desire to seek a healthy change, we can help you achieve your goals. If you are seeking psychotherapy for yourself or a loved one, reach out to R&A Therapeutic Partners. Raymond Estefania and Ana Moreno specialize in substance use and mental health disorder evaluations, treatment, intervention and therapeutic/educational consulting for clients throughout the greater Miami area, as well as across the country. We offer the highest level of compassionate and ethical guidance.